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        Starbucks Loves Seattle

        From Here. For Here. Official coffee of everything, little or grande, that makes Seattle great.

        We love our hometown. We love everything that makes Seattle such a dynamic hub to live, work and play. We love sipping a cup with our friends and neighbors, taking in top-notch arts and entertainment, enjoying the fresh air, green spaces, the strong sense of community and, yes, even a few clouds.

        Featured Event

        SEAchanger Benefit Concert
        September 14 | Myrtle Edwards Park

        1. From Here
          First Starbucks location on Pike Street

          From our first store in Pike Place, to roasting locally, to the thousands of partners (employees) that live here, we’re proud of our coffee-fueled homegrown roots.

        2. For Here

          Our dedication to thriving neighborhoods, community service, local arts and environmental stewardship is all part of the vested interest and commitment to the place we call home.

        3. Partnerships

          Since brewing our first cup, we’ve been committed to supporting the local community through partnerships with like-minded organizations about town. Here are just a few of our Seattle-area partners.

        Hometown News